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The Horrors Of Life In A Fairy Tale Kingdom

This Disney themed series by Rodolfo Loaiza show the dark side of animated life, placing the dainty princesses in some precarious predicaments and bringing the horror of fairy tale fame to the foreground. They’re dark but generally tongue-in-cheek, so even Disney himself wouldn’t ban these goofy spoof pics, except for the one where Snow White has a [...]

If Three Little Pigs Were Covered by Modern Media

How would the fairy tale Three Little Pigs play out if it were covered by modern media? The Guardian’s fanciful advertisement for open journalism lets you "follow the story from the paper’s front page [...]

Why You Should Never Wake Up Sleeping Zombie

deviantART user Shira-chan showed us why we should NEVER wake up Sleeping Zombie. Check out the conclusion at her Twisted Fairy Tale page: Link – via ZombieSlam See also: Zombie Shop over at the NeatoShop

Will You Measure Me Ring Measuring Spoon Set

Will You Measure Me Ring Measuring Spoon Set – $14.95 Are you looking to commit to your love of cooking? Get the Will You Measure Me Ring Measuring Spoon Set from the NeatoShop. This fantastic set of measuring spoons shaped like diamond rings will help your fairy tale baking dreams come true. Be sure to check out [...]

Fairy Tales Retold With Balloons

I love these fairy tale recreations by artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle of Kelly would use Photoshop to alter the images to look more 2D and Larry did the actual bending and twisting of the balloons. See more over at Environmental Graffiti. Link

Sustainable Community Cut Off From the World Almost 40 Years Ago

While a group cut off from the world for forty years might sound like a cargo cult in these environmentally minded folks live this way on purpose and with purpose. They cut themselves off from technology and the modern world in an effort to live green and for the most part it’s working. It sounds [...]

Hansel and Greedo

What do you get when you mash up modern pop culture with old timey fairy tale? This clever art by Wayne Dorrington, called Hansel and Greedo: via geekleetist