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Best Selling Science Fiction Books of All Time

Are you a science fiction fan (not that space fantasy Star Wars baloney) like I am? Then maybe you will like this super awesome infographic of the best selling Sci Fi books of all time! Ender’s Game is possibly my favorite childhood book and it is both gratifying and disturbing to see it on this [...]

The Late Movies: Ray Bradbury, Interviewed

Today we learned that we had lost Ray Bradbury. Tonight, let’s listen to the author speak about his life and career. If you watch nothing else in this list, scroll down and pick one of the short clips from 1968 — they’re all terrific. On Books, Literacy, and Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury interviewed in a short [...]

Ray Bradbury’s Letter: All My Friends Were On The Shelves Above

  Ray Bradbury, who just passed away, wrote this letter in 2006 about how he wrote his novella The Fireman, which later got expanded into Fahrenheit 451, by renting a typewriter in the basement of the UCLA library. Letters of Note has the post: Link