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Better Check Your Rads

Zachariah Cruse is quite the props designer. In fact, he was able to not only make a Pipboy from Fallout 3, but he was even able to make one with a working screen. Now that’s impressive! Link

Well, At Least She Has Some Table Manners

(Video Link) I’m particularly impressed with the fact that he can actually lift it to his mouth like that. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

My Little Rebels

Ok, so technically, they aren’t all rebels. In fact, three of them are part of the Imperial Army. Either way, they’re all awesome. Link Via The Mary Sue

Cats Aren’t The Only Ones Who Love Laser Pointers

(Video Link) In fact, even most cats don’t go quite that crazy over laser pointers. This little Frenchy is quite a speed racer. Via Cute Overload

Insert Coin to Remove Belt

This belt buckle looks great -especially the fact that it lights up. The only problem? You know people will constantly hitting the coin eject button. Link Via BoingBoing

9 Tips for Planning a William Taft Birthday Bash

Looking for a way to liven up your Saturday night? Here’s a complete idiot’s guide to throwing a 155th birthday bash for America’s largest-and-in-chargest commander-in-chief: the great William Howard Taft. 1. The Food Almonds, almonds, and more almonds. Smokehouse, cinnamon, vinegar, chocolate – any flavor under the sun. Big Lub, as he was fondly known, couldn’t get [...]

Drawn to Facts No. 003: An albatross can sleep while it cruises at 25 mph

~Illustrated by: Chelsea Burdick~  Fact: An albatross can sleep while it cruises at 25 mph Check out all our Drawn To Facts here.

Drawn To Facts: no. 002

Illustration by Maya Assad  Fact: A cockroach can live a long time without its head, but will eventually die of dehydration or starvation. See all Drawn To Facts posts here.    

The Voice of Winnie the Pooh Calls Sick Kids in Character

Getty Images Here’s your feel-good fact for today: Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, calls sick kids in hospitals and chats with them in character. From HowStuffWorks: Cummings doesn’t just use his practiced Pooh and Tigger voices for the big and small screen — he also lends his voice to the Make-a-Wish-Foundation when he calls sick [...]

The Cookie Monster Rises

(Video Link) It’s so great that his lips totally match. In fact, if I hadn’t already seen this movie, I think I would actually think this was a scene from the real film because hey, why wouldn’t Batman be obsessed with cookies? Via BoingBoing