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Archive: October 2012

Huge Off-Highway Road Trains All set to conquer the Moon, Mars (almost!) Crazy Logistics: People Trying to Do Things (Funny Pics) Incredible Feats of Strength and Imagination! Unusual and Fascinating Coins & Currency, Part 2 Coins with pieces of the Moon in them! Monstrous, Angelic, Unusual Bridge Sculptures Griffins, trolls, hamsters of all sorts “Tatra” Car & Other Aerodynamic Marvels, Part 2 Futuristic Shape [...]

Anime Eyes Glasses

Anime Eyes Glasses – $3.95 Do you long to be an Anime character, but just can’t seem to perfect the look? You need the Anime Eyes Glasses from the NeatoShop. This fantastic pair of glasses will give you the super large and stylized eyes of your dreams. Now please get back to work practicing your exaggerated [...]

Ugly Faces & Awesome Characters (DRB Series)

DRB Popular SeriesLink Best & Worst of Facial Expressions… and then some! This is the ultimate collection of weird human faces and some fantastically strange people… This series is part of our larger Funny Pics and Weird pics categories. We will be constantly updating this page, as new issues come out, so make sure to bookmark it. Ugly [...]

Sarcasm Mark May Prevent Miscommunications

I don’t know about you, but I never am misunderstood when I communicate over the internet. For the record, that was complete sarcasm, which illustrates one of the biggest issues with text-based communications — the inability of the writer to express the tone of his or her message. Most people who have frequent communications over the [...]

When Art Imitates Toys

Artist Adam Beane uses his big talent on a small scale. He makes action-figure sized creations of real-life people. He has an amazing aptitude at capturing highly dynamic poses and recreating the intricate details of people’s facial expressions when they don’t expect to be photographed. Many of his creations actually go on to be sold [...]

Saya, the Creepy Fembot of Japan

Saya, a fembot developed by professor Hiroshi Kobayashi of the Tokyo University of Science in 2004 can recognize and respond to human speech well enough to direct customers in the Takashimaya department store, where she currently “works” as a receptionist: … the speech-capable robot can provide about 700 programmed responses to questions and commands — enough [...]