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Who’s on the Left? (part two)

If you enjoyed trying the mental_floss quiz Who’s on the Left? then you’ll want to try out ten more famous pairs. You know the names, you know the faces, but are you sure you know which one is which? I didn’t -I only got four correct! I still don’t know who Ed and Larry are. [...]

16 Delightfully Fun Ways To Make Sushi

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty sushi? Ok, so that’s not really your thing? How about sushi that spells out the word “sushi?” There’s even an Obama roll, if you’re into eating presidential faces. However you enjoy your rice and fish treats, you’ll certainly dig on these great rolls. Link

Colorful Sculptures By TYPOE

Multimedia/graffiti artist TYPOE creates some colorfully chaotic works that really pop. I stumbled upon his works on the Book of Faces and I thought to myself “Well, color me impressed!” TYPOE is working on new ways to blow our minds in his  magical Miami workshop, and I can’t wait to see more…. Link   Facebook LINK

Time to Face the Art

Face the facts, it takes a good artist to be able to accurately be able to accurately capture the human face, but WebUrbanist has a great collection of art featuring nothing but faces and made from all variety of materials. Enjoy the full gallery at the link. Link

What Rage Faces Look Like In Real Life

(YouTube Link) Rage Faces can be used by certain awkward individuals, who seem to lack the power of speech necessary to express how they truly feel and are therefore forced to express themselves via Faces of Rage. Watch this video closely so you’ll know who to avoid as you make your way through the urban jungle. And [...]

So This Is What Baby Rhinos Sound Like

(Video Link) It almost sounds like they have horns in their throat aside from the ones on their faces. Via Geekosystem

Hilarious Disney Face Swaps

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Disney characters switched faces with one another? The result can be even stranger than you could imagine. BuzzFeed has a variety of bizarre Disney face swaps for your enjoyment. Link

Ugly Faces & Awesome Characters (DRB Series)

DRB Popular SeriesLink Best & Worst of Facial Expressions… and then some! This is the ultimate collection of weird human faces and some fantastically strange people… This series is part of our larger Funny Pics and Weird pics categories. We will be constantly updating this page, as new issues come out, so make sure to bookmark it. Ugly [...]

Solitaire Win Sculpture

The art group Skrekkogle took the graphic of dancing cards that you see when you win computer solitaire and rendered built it. A thousand card faces were printed and laminated onto black foam, then positioned as you see here. Link -via The Daily What Geek

Have you ever wondered what your photos would look like if you and your friend’s faces were replaced with kitten faces? Probably not, but now you will know if you go to this link and upload your photo. You could spend whole minutes doing this yourself in Photoshop, but now you can do it with [...]