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Baby’s First Handshake

Photo: Alicia Atkins / A Classic Pin-Up Photography On October 9, 2011, Alicia Atkins gave birth to her daughter Nevaeh via C-section and her husband snapped this incredible photo of the baby reaching [...]

Trend: Digital Wills to Protect Your Online Content after You Die

If you die, can your friends and relatives get onto your Facebook wall to let people know that you’ve passed? More importantly, can they access and delete your collection of untalented and somewhat unsettling My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic sketches on deviantArt? There are now companies set up to make sure that your digital legacy can [...]

Don’t Bet Against Your Children

Seven-year-old Remi Urbano has been begging for a cat for a while. His dad, Dan, kept saying no, but then agreed to buy a cat if a picture of Remi and his little sister pleading for a cat got 1,000 Facebook likes. You can probably guessed what happened.  November 5th @ 6PMPosted by Dan’s wife with [...]

… Is Like Facebook

Ah, Facebook. In Facebook’s Facebook page (yes, there is such a thing), the social media giant compares itself to many things like: Halloween ("Halloween lets people express themselves. That is why Halloween [...]

Ad Libs 2012

PBS Newshour has a Facebook app in which you can customize your own political ad. You just slot in a few pictures (from your Facebook page) and a slogan and voila! A generic political candidate ad, just like most of the ones you see on TV. You can see mine here. Or make your own. [...]

The Truth About Periods and Advertising

The British company Bodyform, which manufactures “towels,” or what Americans now call maxi pads or mini pads, or sanitary napkins to those of an age to no longer need them. Richard Neill left a message on the firm’s Facebook page, which is a basic retelling of an old joke. Hi , as a man I must [...]

The Vest that Hugs You Every Time You Get a Facebook "Like"

If collecting digital assurances that people enjoy your online company isn’t validating enough for you, you’re in luck.  Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have created a vest that hugs you every time a friend “likes” one of your Facebook posts. The Like-A-Hug vest is linked to your Facebook account and automatically inflates inward when you receive a [...]

If You Can Read This, Thank Your Music Teacher

Via the Neatorama Facebook page, where you can find more neat stuff every day!


Don’t get it? That’s because this is the G-rated version of an earlier cartoon that couldn’t pass Facebook’s standards. It’s difficult to recognize Adam and Eve with clothes on! Mick Stevens had a cartoon in The New Yorker, which was reposted on the magazine’s Facebook page, and caused the magazine to be temporarily banned. To [...]

Resistance is Futile

George Takei posted this at his Facebook page, with the line, “I’m sure parents everywhere are on borg with this.” Link -via Geeks Are Sexy