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The Art Of Ron English And….Chris Brown?

In what must be the most unlikely pairing ever, artiste extraordinaire Ron English and pop star/face puncher Chris Brown participated in a joint art show together entitled Dumb English and, to my surprise, Chris Brown’s paintings aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen scrawled on canvas. Sure, his style is a bit contrived, and each piece looks [...]

New Technology Lets You Project Your Facial Expressions onto an Anime Girl

(Video Link) You will no longer have to content yourself with merely dressing as Miku on casual Fridays. Researchers at Keio University developed a system that tracks a user’s facial expressions and projects them in real time onto the face of a computer-generated avatar: To detect and track faces, this system uses time-series signal processing. It tracks [...]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Face Made With Books

Face … book? Get it? Artist Hong Yi (previously on Neatorama) has created the face of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by slicing pages off books (The Games of Thrones, the thickest she could find). Link [...]

Angry Face Spatula Turner

Angry Face Spatula Turner – $5.95 Do you hate to cook? You need a spatula that reflects your displeasure with the task. Get the Angry Face Spatula Turner from the NeatoShop. This flexibile nylon kitchen tool is perfect for cooking meals against your will. Smiley Face Spatula Turner also available. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

Police shoot ‘zombie’ feasting on another man

Police in Miami were forced to take down a naked man who was gnawing at another man’s face. The bizarre series of events started when cyclist Larry Ve…

Time to Face the Art

Face the facts, it takes a good artist to be able to accurately be able to accurately capture the human face, but WebUrbanist has a great collection of art featuring nothing but faces and made from all variety of materials. Enjoy the full gallery at the link. Link

Hipster Kids Eyeglasses

Let’s face the god-awful truth: you will never ever be as hip as these hipster kids, especially when they wear those oh-so-cool Very French Gangsters prescription eyeglasses. Whodathunk that being four-eyes is now the new hotness? Link [...]

Most Extensive Face Transplant Yet

Last week, in a 36-hour operation, Richard Lee Norris (shown here before his accident) received a full face transplant at the University of Maryland Medical Center. The transplant team was led by reconstructive specialist Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez. “We utilized innovative surgical practices and computerized techniques to precisely transplant the mid-face, maxilla and mandible including teeth, [...]

Surreal Carpet Masks By Bertjan Pot

Who says normalcy is the only way to fly? Throw one of these crazy masks created by Bertjan Pot on your face and let your freak flag flap freely in the breeze. Created via happy accident when Bertjan tried to make a carpet out of “rope stitched together with textile fibers“, they’re whimsically disturbing and sure [...]

Scary Cool Female Skeletor Cosplay

The classic 80s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe features characters that are, shall we say, extremely physically fit, like bodybuilder fit, even the evil Skeletor was cut like a professional wrestler (except for the fact that he had no skin on his face). Well, I have to admit that I like this female [...]