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Hedgehog Phone Holder

Hedgehod Phone Holder – $9.95 Do you have trouble keep track of your cell phone? You need the Hedgehog Phone Holder from the NeatoShop. This adorable plush doubles as a phone stand for your favorite smartphone. It has a fabric lined pocket and super soft fur.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Mobile [...]

Fabric Made from Milk

During World War II, when real wool was scarce, the synthetic fabric Aralac became popular as a substitute. It was made from cheese! Maggie Koerth-Baker at Boing Boing tells us how Aralac is made, and although you don’t see it much anymore, an improved fabric using the technique is still produced by a German company. [...]

Deepstaria Enigmatica

(YouTube link) It looks like a sheet of plastic or fabric that was tossed into the ocean, but this is an animal. A jellyfish, actually, called Deepstaria enigmatica. Link -via the Presurfer

Why Settle For A Boring Cubicle?

If you’re tired of boring old fabric-covered cubicles, you can always invest a little time and money to convert yours into a gorgeous wooden study. If only they had a how-to guide. Link Via BuzzFeed

The Tree Line

Zander Olsen walked through the countryside of Wales, Surrey, and Hampshire and wrapped fabric around trees. He arranged the heights just right so that when they were photographed from a certain angle, they traced the horizon or blocked out distant mountains. The results look like holes in reality. Link -via Flavorwire

Self-Cleaning Fabric

Are you a messy eater? Is ketchup for whatever reason incredibly attracted to the front of your t-shirts? University of California, Davis is working on a solution that could be designed just for you; a fabric that kills bacteria and breaks down compounds for all your fashion needs. “The new fabric has potential applications in biological [...]

Adorably Weird Russian Dolls

DeviantArt user Santani creates unbelievably cool fantasy creatures with fabric, clay and fur. The designs are simply amazing and incredibly realistic even though the creatures are obviously imaginary. Link Via BuzzFeed

Embroidered Wine Stains

Amelia Harnas carefully and repeatedly stained fabric with wine using a wax resist dyeing technique. Then she embroidered highlights onto the fabric, creating lovely and unique portraits. Link -via Nag on the Lake

A Smart Bandage Reveals Healing

Remember mood rings? They were fun for a while, but kind of useless. Now the same kind of technology has an important purpose. In research sponsored by the government of Australia, a team of scientists have developed fabric that monitors temperature and shows it by changing color. Bandages made from this fabric can relay information [...]

Tron Bag

This bag doesn’t reflect light -it produces its own light! The secret is electro luminescent wire and batteries. Ladyada and Becky Stern used the wire to make a Tron-flavored messenger bag. Once you get the technique down, you can use electro luminescent wire to spice up any clothing or fabric items. Complete instruction and a [...]