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Eyelid Tattoo

Image from Tattoo22 I wouldn’t let anybody come near my eyes with a buzzing needle running at a few thousand RPM but apparently that’s not a problem for some people! Indeed, some people actually [...]

A Wacky Bunch Hard At Work In The Kitchen During Mardi Gras

Would you still eat at a restaurant that had a kitchen staff like the madcap bunch in this picture? Well, if you were looking for a bite to eat during Mardi Gras in Munich, Germany around 1933 you might not have had much of a choice in the matter! Looking for more enjoyable pictures of people playing [...]

Claymation Cats Take On Evil Dead II

(YouTube Link) Gumby fans are all grown up now, and looking for a bit more red clay in their claymation. Thankfully, Claycat is here to enchant our eyeballs with goofy scenes of horrific clay-on-clay violence. Watch this feline clump of plastilina take on the Evil Dead….part 2 even! –via AnimalNY

The Creepy Cute Paintings Of Xue Wang

London based artist Xue Wang has a fantastic, albeit dark, imagination which comes spilling out onto the canvas. Her influences seem to be classic cartoons, Mark Ryden and the surgery channel, with scenarios that seem like they came straight from a David Lynch movie. You can entertain your eyeballs with more of Xue’s incredible imagery at [...]

A Photographer’s Unique View Of Paris

Photographers have taken pictures of Paris in every way imaginable, but photographer Philipp Klinger aims to show us all just how symmetrical and full of patterns the City of Light really is, if you see the city through his viewfinder. There’s an optically pleasing gallery of images to be seen at the DesignTAXI link below, try [...]

Fun Retro Dungeon Crawler Made In 48 Hours

If you like your games old school and pixelated, then you will love this surprisingly difficult dungeon crawler created in under 48 hours by Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson. It hearkens back to the days when games came without explanation, where you had to stumble around to figure out what’s going on, and the simple [...]