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Bagelheads Invade Japan

Extreme body modification has taken an interesting turn in Japan. These lovely people above have had saline pumped into their foreheads for about two hours, a process that creates a rather, um, well… it makes a lump. And if you press your thumb into your forehead while the saline is pumping in, it makes a [...]

Cold snap drove Vikings from Greenland

Extreme climate changes caused the Vikings to abandon their homeland in search of warmer weather. While many scientists and historians know of the ice…

Body Modifications From Around The World

Extreme Ethnic Body Modifications Around the World When westerners hear “body modifications”, hardcore kids with stretched earlobes and assorted nose rings may come to mind. Think again! Traditional cultures around the world still practice body modification that seriously puts our punks to shame. Although many of these practices may seem exceptionally invasive and painful to [...]