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In Case of Emergency, Eat This Book

After you’ve foolishly walked away from your Land Rover to explore a mirage in the Arabian desert, you’ve found yourself lost. What to do? Thank goodness for this survival guide that explains how to keep yourself alive with tips on dealing with [...]

Nature, as Created by an Artist in His Fish Tank

Between the clouds, the trees, and the stunning rock formations, this landscape seems like a hikers’ paradise. The only problem? Well, unless you happen to have a shrink ray, the closest you could come to hiking these hills is stomping them until they were obliterated. That’s because this lovely setting was actually created by artist Kim [...]

Making an Omelette Inside the Egg Shell

Scrambling an egg inside its shell is nothing new, but Windell at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories wanted to go the extra step of making a complete omelette without fully opening an egg. Here’s how he planned to do it: 1. Puncture the egg with a small hole (1-5 mm) 2. Scramble the egg inside the shell, through [...]