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Amazing Kitten Fetch

(YouTube link) Hyder the kitten goes the extra mile to retrieve her favorite toy. She didn’t break any of the blinds -this time. This game night not be so entertaining when she reaches her full size. -via Everlasting Blort

Snoballimus Prime

You expect junk food to have movie tie-ins, but this one goes the extra mile for silliness. Hostess has two new color schemes in their snack cake line for Transformers 3: the pictured Snoballimus, colored like Optimus Prime, and Chocwave, which resembles Shockwave (if the character was a cupcake). Link -via @johncfarrier

15 Inventions Inspired by Science Fiction

Some of these are obvious – cell phones, satellites and the atomic bomb – but I had no idea that Home Theaters and EBook readers had anything to do with scifi. Probably the most famous scene in the second Aliens movie is when Ripley saves a little girl using a hydraulic exoskeleton. Someone in the military [...]