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Mythbusters Greatest Hits

(YouTube link) The Discovery Channel is promoting the new season of Mythbusters with a super cut of their best crashes, explosions, and general destruction. After all, that’s the reason we watch the show, isn’t it? -via The Daily What Geek

Tai Chi Zero: Best Movie Trailer Ever

Now this is how you do a trailer. Awesome fight scenes, kung fu kids, special effects, kissing, pretty ladies, giant robots and robots and explosions. What the hell else could you want? Website. Watch the trailer for Tai Chi Zero and weep: Link [...]

Titanic in Super 3D

(YouTube link) Titanic just keep getting improved! Now with more effects, more directors, more monsters, and more explosions! -via reddit

An Infographic On Michael Bay Explosions

You may have heard that Michael Bay’s newest film will contain his 1000th explosion ever. If you’ve ever wondered just how his explosion per movie breakdown looks, then you’ll certainly appreciate this infographic detailing all of his 992 explosions so far (the whole thing can be found at the link). Link Via Film Drunk

Making Murals Through Small Explosions

(Video Link) I’m not sure how he does it, but a Portuguese artist named Alexandre Farto carves murals into walls by setting off small explosions. The above music video for the band Orelha Negra shows the process. Gallery via Geekologie