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WWII Bomb Discovered, Detonated in Munich

On August 27, construction workers in Munich discovered an American bomb from World War II inside an old bar that was being cleared for new construction. The bomb weighed 550 pounds and bore an “unusual fuse,” operated by a chemical reaction rather than a mechanical switch. Because the bomb was unsafe to transport, [...]

The Dalek and TARDIS Quilt

This quilt, by Craftster member graverobbergirl, is a great tribute to this show, featuring a plethora of daleks floating around the TARDIS. My favorite details though are the explosion around the TARDIS and the spacey piece around the edge. Link Via Craftzine

Exploding light filmed over Phoenix

A mysterious explosion that lit up the sky was filmed in the background during a live traffic report. The incident comes just days away from the 15th …

An Infographic On Michael Bay Explosions

You may have heard that Michael Bay’s newest film will contain his 1000th explosion ever. If you’ve ever wondered just how his explosion per movie breakdown looks, then you’ll certainly appreciate this infographic detailing all of his 992 explosions so far (the whole thing can be found at the link). Link Via Film Drunk

Large fireball wrecks Argentine town

The fireball hit the outskirts of Buenos Aires killing at least one person and damaging buildings. Nine people were also injured in the explosion, a f…

Underwater Explosion

(Video Link) There’s not much information about this video, but, allegedly, it shows an explosion at the bottom of a water-filled quarry. There’s enough 12-year old boy left in me to say that this is awesome. via Geekosystem


An explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in the USSR (now Ukraine) during a safety test became the worst nuclear accident in history on April 26th, 1986. Twenty-five years later, the area is still uninhabitable. The Big Picture has posted 34 pictures from that disaster and its aftermath, continuing to the present. This picture shows [...]

Was there a nuclear blast on Mars ?

An ancient, natural nuclear explosion may have once occured on Mars, turning everything to dry sand. What’s more the same thing may have once happened…

Did the moon form in a nuclear explosion ?

A new theory suggests that the moon may have formed following a natural nuclear explosion in the Earth’s mantle. Scientists have been working on deter…

Crayola Evolution: 1903-2010

From a humble eight colors in 1903’s original Crayola box, an explosion of diversity has arisen in the Crayola ecosystem. Designer Stephen Von Worley has analyzed Wikipedia’s list of Crayola crayon colors and created an infographic (shown in miniature above) demonstrating the Crayola Explosion of the past 107 years. Von Worley even coined “Crayola’s Law,” [...]