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The Secret of Ozersk

In the early 1950s, Russian scientists were worried about a nuclear attack by the United States and wanted to know how radiation damaged tissue and caused cancer, so they decided to do an experiment. A massive one: The town of Ozersk, deep [...]

Dark-Fly: A Line of Fruit Fly Bred in the Dark for 57 Years (1,400 Generations)

Talk about a long scientific experiment*. Japanese researchers have bred an unusual line of fruit fly called "Dark-fly" which has been kept in constant darkness for 57 years (1,400 generations). They’ve sequenced [...]

CERN results skewed by faulty cable ?

Scientists have been investigating the validity of last year’s faster-than-light experiment results. The team have been attempting to verify whether a…

A New Twist in the Sad Saga of Little Albert

A few years ago we linked to the sad story of Little Albert, an infant who was a psychological test subject in John B. Watson’s experiment on fear. He conditioned the child to be afraid of rats, a fear which generalized to all furry animals. At the time, we said no one knew what happened [...]

Obvious Study of the Day Report: Men Show Off To Women

Here’s one of those studies you probably didn’t need science to tell you: guys show off to impress women. In the experiment, a group of men and women (on the younger side, with an average age of 21) were given the opportunity to donate money to a fund, knowing they would get nothing in return other [...]

Scratch-n-Sniff Jeans

Remember the experiment in which people didn’t wash their jeans for three months? Just think about how long you could prolong washing if you wore jeans that released a perfume when scratched. Shoot, why even bother taking a shower? You’re wearing sweet-smelling jeans. Let them do their magic. Link -via DVICE | Photo: Naked & Famous [...]

The 1940’s Experiment

Carolyn Eakins has a goal to lose 100 pounds. To accomplish this, she is copying the diet of wartime rations from the 1940s. For a year. The 1940s Experiment is a personal journey and social experiment living for one year on a wartime ration book diet to conquer obesity.  100 wartime recipes will be recreated with [...]

"Despite what the fashion industry says, manufacturing a suit of feral raccoons is not overly complicated."

I’ve long suspected this to be true, but Kara Crabb’s successful experiment has only confirmed it. “As the old saying goes, the best way to get raccoons to swarm over your body is to think like a raccoon.” We know that raccoons are highly motivated by food, so she baited thems with food duct-taped to [...]

Mass alien abduction experiment conducted

A UCLA experiment aims to prove that alien abductions are little more than the product of our minds. 20 volunteers were assembled for the experiment …

Man tries to turn faeces in to gold

In a bizarre experiment a man set fire to his flat after trying his hand at the mystical art of alchemy. Paul Moran will serve at least three months i…