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George Lucas Strikes Back … with Low Income Housing

For 25 years, George Lucas tried to develop a portion of his 6,100-acre property in the posh hills of Marin into an expansion site for his movie production company. But his neighbors, fearing traffic [...]

11 Expansion Teams That Just Missed the Cut

When the NFL expansion committee headed by current league commissioner Roger Goodell awarded franchises to Charlotte and Jacksonville in 1993, three other prospective teams with nicknames, logos, and color schemes already unveiled and season ticket deposits sold, were left disappointed. Here are the stories of those three (almost) teams and eight other failed expansion bids [...]

Bonus Quiz: Name All 30 NHL Teams

Years of expansion and multiple franchise relocations have made the NHL a much different league than it was just two decades ago. Since the NHL season begins tonight, let’s see if you can name all 30 current NHL teams. We don’t need city or state names, just the team names. Give it a shot! Take the [...]