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A Workout for Gamers

(YouTube link) Do you spend too much time playing video games to get your exercise in? You might need the geekiest exercise program ever to inspire you to get fit. So put those Cheetos down and follow Alicia Marie and get Gamerfit! Part two and part three are also available. -via The Daily What Geek

That’s Not How It’s Supposed to Work

(Video Link) Well, at least his front legs are getting some exercise, that’s gotta count for something right?

4 Winning Moments in Gym Class History

There’s more to gym class than towel snapping and poorly played games of volleyball. Not much more, but certainly enough for 4 really great stories! (Image credit: Flickr user The Library of Congress) 1. STRETCHING TO THE (VERY) OLDIES While Harriet Beecher Stowe was busy writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin, her sister Catherine Beecher was busy blazing a different [...]

ISS crew take refuge in escape capsules

The crew of the International Space Station took shelter when space debris was detected nearby. The exercise was mostly a safety precaution and has ha…

Remembering Christopher Hitchens

by Matthew Hickman and Andrew Widener © Catherine Karnow/CORBIS Last night the world lost Christopher Hitchens, a man loathed by many and perhaps loved by more. When contemplating his imminent demise after a lifetime in smoky bar rooms debating the virtues of Western civilization, he had this to say about the way in which death came [...]

Daily Commute, Grand Theft Auto Style

(Video Link) It’s Monday. Get up and go to work. This would normally be a tedious and regrettable exercise, but not if you live inside Freddie Wong’s head. So get going and hit the first save point before your boss notices that you’re late. -via Geekosystem

Ben Greenman’s Museum of Silly Charts

Ben Greenman started making charts as an exercise to help him write a novel about a guy who makes charts. But it became a hobby. You’ll find quite a few more to make you laugh at I Love Charts. Link -via Metafilter

Can You Be Fat and Fit?

It seems like a silly question, some say that heavy people who exercise can actually be healthier and live longer lives than their skinny but sedentary friends. Well, maybe. Adam Bean of Runner’s World asked two experts what “fit” really means: RW: Do the benefits of exercise matter more than losing weight?YES: Physical activity can lower [...]

Fat Cat Works Out

A fat cat in Japan complies with doctor’s orders by starting an exercise routine. I don’t know if it’s the cat’s facial expression, his considerable size, or the appropriate music, but I could not stop watching this video. Link -via Metafilter

Frequent Shopping Leads to Longer Life

Shopaholics rejoice! Don’t let my wife reads this, but turns out that shopping – frequent shopping no less – is good for your health! Those who shopped daily were 27% less likely to die, with male daily shoppers 28% less likely to die, compared with female shoppers who were 23% less likely to die. The authors [...]