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Zombies Cannot Swim

If you needed an excuse to buy a boat, this is probably the best one. Insurance against the zombie apocalypse is just common sense. Link -via Alltop

Eric Standley’s Cut Paper Art

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor after seeing Eric Standley’s mind-blowingly intricate cut paper art: Link – via Wanken | Eric’s official website

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

(YouTube link) I consider myself an expert on drinking coffee, but even I didn’t know why a coffee tree produces caffeine! Excuse me, I need to go pour another cup. Link -via the Presurfer

In One Ear and Out the Other

Etsy seller SVJewelry made these Portal-themed earrings out of acrylic. If you wear these, you’ll have an excuse for not remembering what people tell you. Link via Technabob

Sitting Down All Day = Really Bad For You

No doubt you knew that already, but since so many of us do sit for eight+ hours a day (I do, and I have no excuse… I have a stand-up desk at work), I thought these cool infographics were a good reminder. A few more of the stats you’ll find on the full graphic: Obese [...]

Being in Space No Excuse for Astronauts Not to File Taxes

Did you file your taxes yet? No? Got a good excuse – like being in space? Not good enough for the IRS: astronauts orbiting Earth in the International Space Station have to file taxes just like everybody else! As it turns out, being 220 miles (354 kilometers) above the planet is no excuse to file late. [...]

Oregon Trail Street Sign

Excuse me, did the Oregon Trail really go through Los Angeles? Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Pants created this thought-provoking street poster. Link -Thanks, Jeff!

Housework is Dangerous to Your Health: The Perfect Excuse to Avoid Chores

Don’t like to do chores? Well, now you’ve got valid *medical* excuse not to do so. Turns out that doing housework may be dangerous to your health: Researchers in the US have discovered that in busy people housework such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, and even budgeting, can raise blood pressure. Those at greatest risk are [...]