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Creative Ways To Tell The World You’re Having A Baby

Buzzfeed rounded up some cute and clever “expectancy” announcements that tell more in pictures than in words. There’s 23 of them, and it was hard to pick an example, but I was drawn to this math-based photograph. Go see the rest! Link

10 Weird, Funny and Just Plain Weird Halloween Costumes

Some of these scary dog costumes aren’t really that bad, but others really are the things nightmares are made of -take this human mask for example. Yikes! Link

"Handedness" in Fish

Look closely at the two scale-eating cichlid fish Perissodus microlepis above. See how their mouths are slightly asymmetric? For example, the mouth of the fish on the left curves slightly to the right. That, translates [...]

Everything, Except…

You’ve seen coupons like this before, I’m sure, but this is a particularly egegious example. The large print says “everything,” while the small print makes it clear that “everything” means something completely different to retail advertisers. -via Arbroath

7-11′s Mashed Potato Dispenser

How you feel about this device will probably vary greatly depending on how you feel about 7-11′s other food. For example, if you think chili that slowly drips out of a vending machine is a great addition to your hot dog that’s been rolling in public view all day, then you’ll probably love these mashed [...]

Epic Scale Samus Aran Papercraft Sculpture

Now this is an epic example of artistic nerdery! At almost seven feet tall, this papercraft statue of Samus Aran from the video game franchise Metroid makes all other sculptures of Samus look like space junk, if only because this statue is made of nothing but paper, glue and lots of elbow grease. It’s based on Samus [...]

15 Truly Bizarre Mental Delusions

When people suffer from delusions, they can take off in remarkable directions. For example, imagine not being able to trust that the people you know are really the people you know, as in Fregoli Delusion. Fregoli delusion, which is named after the Italian actor Leopoldo Fregoli, is a condition that leads one to believe a specific [...]

Why French Parents Are Superior

Forget Tiger Moms! The secret to raising great, well-behaved kids is … being French! Pamela Druckerman explains why French parents are superior: Why was it, for example, that in the hundreds of hours I’d clocked [...]

10 Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

You probably already know that a lot of celebrities are vain, but it’s hard to tell just how self-obsessed some people are until you learn how much they are willing to insure their own bod parts for. Maria Carey, for example, has her legs insured for $1 billion dollars. I’ve always wondered though if an insured [...]

Things Could Be Worse

You think you’ve got it bad? What if a bat took off with your monocle and it’s not even insured? This is the first example I saw of the comics of Ben Dewey at Things Could Be Worse. The tragic things that happen in each panel are so absurd, they have to make you feel [...]