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The Finnjet Is the Ultimate in Automotive Design

The Finnjet, built by Antti Rahko, a Finnish immigrant to the United States, is everything that you could want in a car. It’s made from two Mercedes station wagons and many, many other parts that Rahko has added continuously over twelve years: Today, the machine’s meticulously detailed exterior is tastefully trimmed with 86 lights, 36 mirrors [...]

The Missing Links: Art That Makes Scents

This Is Why Sports Are Great Everything about athletics that isn’t this just clouds how beautiful and wonderful sports can be. * That New Art Exhibit Stinks Literally. * Some of You Are Sick of Zombies But these zombifed corporate logos are still awesome. * Sitcom the Vote Check out what television shows are saying about the election. [...]

Steampunk Ghostbusters Proton Pack

I have always been fascinated by the steampunk community, but I don’t think I really understood why until now. Why make everything look so odd? Because you can! This Ghostbusters Proton Pack is made by Grant Wilson on Deviantart. Grant, where can I get one? -Via Obvious Winner

How did dinosaurs sleep ?

Despite everything we’ve learned about the dinosaurs we still know very little about how they slept. With no live specimens to observe palaeontologist…

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are delicious and rich, but we already know that everything is better when deep fried, so why not try battering and frying the egg after it’s already been hard boiled? Link

Woman Camouflaged into Vegetable Stand

You can’t buy everything at this vegetable stand. To promote Covert Affairs, a new TV show about the CIA, the UK TV network Really hired body paint artist Carolyn Roper to hide models in plain sight in London. You can view other photos from this project at the link. Link -via Foodiggity | Artist’s Website

Dalek Purse Will Exterminate Your Shopping List

Though it’s not as roomy as a TARDIS handbag, this felt purse by Etsy seller krukrustudio will carry everything you need as you purge the universe of everything that is not Dalek. Just beware of the Oncoming Storm of your credit card bill. Link -via Technabob

Coffee Cup Cookie

Everything you see here is edible. Except possibly the saucer, spoon and placemat. But give those a try, too. Maybe they’re as good as The Cookie Fairy’s cookie coffee cups made with caramel and Baileys Irish Cream. Link (Translation) -via Tasteologie

Everything, Except…

You’ve seen coupons like this before, I’m sure, but this is a particularly egegious example. The large print says “everything,” while the small print makes it clear that “everything” means something completely different to retail advertisers. -via Arbroath

Man Sells His Whole Life on eBay

Some people use eBay to unload their junk, but 29-year-old Shane Butcher is using it to sell his entire life, including his video game stores, cars, and even his two houses and everything in [...]