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14 Awesome and Bizarre Bathtubs

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe …but did she take a bath in one, too? This fashionable pump is a custom bathtub from the Italian design company SICIS. It’s just one of collection of strange and wonderful tubs that seem more for show than for everyday use. Of them all, I’d [...]

Motion Sensing Ammunition Dispenser

(Video Link) The Sharper Image’s motion sensing candy machine is cute. But practically speaking, how much candy do you go through for it to be useful? Stuffing it with ammunition is better for everyday use. That’s why the blogger North filled his with .22 LR rounds. Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

Owl Backpack

Owl Backpack - $23.95 (sold separately) Are you on the hunt for a perfectly practical Easter gift for your favorite toddler? Hoo says it needs to be a basket?  Why not pack those delicious Easter treats into a very useful Owl Backpack from the NeatoShop! This adorable mini backpack is perfect for everyday use. The Owl Backpack [...]

Spiders evolved spare legs

New research has revealed that spiders actually have more legs than they need for everyday use. Scientists examining a selection of spiders from aroun…