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Should It Be Dachstoberfest or Octoberhund?

Did you celebrate Octoberfest this year? Well, unless you happened to celebrate in Washington Square Park, you missed out when it comes to the possible cuteness of the event. That’s because the New York park plays home to the annual dachshund Octoberfest celebration where you can enjoy delicious brats with your cute and cuddly wienies. Link

Man dies after cockroach eating contest

Edward Archbold collapsed and died after scoffing dozens of live insects as part of the event. 30 contestants turned up at Ben Siegel Reptile Store ne…

The Ancient Olympics: a “total pagan entertainment package”

National Geographic talked with Tony Perrotet, author of The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games about how the ancient Olympics compares with the modern version. The Olympic Games were held every four years from 776 B.C. to A.D. 394, making them the longest-running recurring event in antiquity. What was the secret of the [...]

Bygone Olympic Event: Distance Plunging

At the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, competitors took part in a water event called the distance plunge. That was the only year it was part of the games. The event required athletes to dive into the pool and coast underwater without moving their limbs. After 60 seconds had passed – or competitors had floated to [...]

Beer Can Regatta

The Beer Can Regatta is an annual event at Mindil Beach organized by the Lions Club of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The participating boats are all made of beer or soda cans! The highlight of this year’s regatta, held Sunday, was the appearance of Extravacans, an enormous motor-powered boat constructed of 30,000 cans! A new [...]

Ex-CIA agent claims Roswell UFO was alien

65 years after the event CIA veteran Chase Brandon has claimed that the crash was no weather balloon. In 1947 a mysterious object crashed at Roswell i…

Medieval Manuscript Gives Clue about Mysterious Radiation Spike

Tree ring data indicates that sometime around 774 or 775 A.D., an intense burst of radiation hit the Earth. What was its source? Scientists were uncertain, but it was probably a supernova. Unfortunately, there were no records of such event. But Jonathon Allen, a biochemistry student at University of California, Santa Cruz, realized that researchers [...]

World’s Smallest Olympic Rings

The London 2012 Summer Olympics is almost here, and to commemorate that event, here’s the smallest ever Olympic rings symbol as imaged by researchers from IBM Zurich, University of Warwick and the Royal Society of Chemistry: [...]

What on Earth is Sun-Earth Day?

Image Credit: Sylvie Beland/NASA Today is Earth Day, the internationally designated time to pay extra-special attention to human impact on Earth’s ecology. But in addition to your Earth Day observances, why not join NASA scientists this year in celebrating Sun-Earth Day, an astronomically educational holiday designed to recognize special moments between Earth and our Sun? Past [...]

10 Cool and Frightening Facts About Ants

Antdude, if you’ve been waiting for an article to be specifically dedicated to only you, here you go. Of course, even those of you who aren’t insect/human hybrids will be sure to enjoy io9′s fascinating article featuring 10 frightening facts about ants. For example, did you know: Ants have already survived a mass extinction event The Cretaceous-Paleogene [...]