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The Family That Fights Zombies Together, Stays Together

Why have a normal, everyday family portrait made in the great outdoors when you can battle a zombie horde? Evan, Ken, and their three children battled zombies and got a professional set of family pictures that none of them will ever forget! See the entire series, in which zombies sneak up on the group, they [...]

Robot Can Use The Microwave

Today nuking food in the microwave, tomorrow nuking humanity for world domination! Seriously though, what more can we ask from our robot pals now that they’ve mastered the skills of microwaving frozen food? IEEE Spectrum’s Automation blog reports: Herb, the Home Exploring Robot [...]

Film By Numbers Quiz- 13 Movies In 30 Seconds

(YouTube Link) This boldly stylized animated short is by Evan Seitz, who you may remember from his recent release ABCinema, which challenged you to figure out the movie based on letters (link). This time around, Evan wants you to figure it all out by number, with bonus points for figuring them all out from just one viewing. –via [...]

11 Incredible Edible Daleks

A dalek is a science fiction character found in the British TV series Doctor Who. They are evil alien mutants who travel inside cyborg shells and try to exterminate other beings. They are also funny-looking, and have inspired many cooks to recreate their appearance in tasty treats! 1. Dalek Oreo Cake Bites Navaboo made daleks from Oreo [...]

Pink Hippo

Brothers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas were on a trip to the Masai Mara in Kenya where they spotted an unusually pink baby hippo sunning along the riverbanks! The hippo was clearly a young one since it was much smaller than the others in the group. It was also very shy and tended to stick close to [...]

Could YOU disappear in the digital age?

Writer Evan Ratliff pondered the same question while writing an article for Wired magazine about people who for various reasons had tried to start over with completely new lives .  A few months later he found himself a willing volunteer to find out firsthand what the experience entailed.  With a 24 hour head start, $2000 [...]