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7 Children’s Books Written in Response to Other Books

Some authors write books because they have a way with words. Other people write books because they have a story they want to share with the world. And a select group of individuals write books mostly to spite the author of another book. These books were written in response to another book, some angrily and [...]

Custom Elder Scrolls Daedric Sword Looks Pretty Sharp

The craftsman known as Evil FX has a very ambitious, and geeky, goal when he hits his workshop-to create a full suit costume of Daedric style armor from the Elder Scrolls video game series. Here’s how he made it: ..he is starting out with a pretty cool Daedric sword as a “test build.” The one-handed sword [...]

Titanic Shower Curtain

Titanic Shower Curtain | $15.95 Ahoy there! Going down? Do it in style while showering up with this Titanic Shower Curtain designed by Jan Habraken, available at the NeatoShop. Install it in your bathroom and see how many people “get” it. Even if they don’t, it still looks cool! This PVC-free shower curtain is made from 100% [...]

The Lost Masterpiece

The following is an article from Uncle John’s All-Purpose Extra Strength Bathroom Reader. A few years ago one of our BRI writers saw the classic 1931 horror film Dracula for the first time …and thought it was terrible. He never knew there was a story behind why the film had so many problems -or even that [...]

Internet Age Jack-o-Lanterns

Only a few days left until Halloween -do you have your Jack-o-Lantern on display yet? Maybe you’re ready for some new and different carving patterns. Reddit is holding a pumpkin carving contest! You can look through the posts and find a horde of wonderful carvings with more added every day. I selected a few creations [...]

World’s Tallest Couple

With a combined height of more than 13ft, this is the world’s tallest married couple.But if Wilco Van Kleef-Bolton and his wife Keisha’s two children keep growing they may end up with the world’s tallest family title too.Son Lucas, four, is already 3ft 11in – the height of a seven-year-old – and daughter Eva, two, [...]

The Hello Kitty Jet

EVA Airways launched the Hello Kitty Jet in 2005, with the blessing of Sanrio. Take a look at the biggest Hello Kitty tribute yet, and see the amenities inside the Airbus A330 in this set of photographs. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Ssquared22.