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Why Hemingway Used to Dress As A Girl

It sounds almost slanderous to accuse someone as manly as Ernest Hemingway to have ever worn women’s clothing, but it’s true -even if it wasn’t actually his choice. You see, Ernest’s mother always wanted to have twins, so when Ernest was born only 18 months after his older sister, mummy dearest decided that was close [...]

Famous Authors and Their Typewriters

Flavorwire has compiled a really cool slideshow of classic authors (such as Ernest Hemingway, above) and their typewriters. There’s something so nostalgic about seeing them peering at their Underwoods, their Royals, their Olivettis. Do you think in 50 years, we’ll look at pictures of authors toiling over their MacBooks the same way? Link Photo from Life magazine.

Six-Words Memoirs

Ernest Hemingway once famously said that he could write an entire story in just six words – “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” (Before the age of Twitter, no less) Inspired by that, SMITH Magazine invited writers, both famous and obscure, to write their memoirs in exactly six words, and published it in book form: Not [...]