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The Temple: a Bar that was Once a Toilet

A below-ground public toilet built in the Victorian era in Manchester, England, could have been abandoned or filled in, as so many others have been. But this one found new life in modern times as a bar! It first opened as “The Temple of Convenience,” harking back to its original purpose. Now called simply The [...]

Oldest known bugs found trapped in amber

Scientists have discovered well preserved insects dating back over 230 million years to the Triassic era. The preservation process occurs when the ins…

Mysterious ‘winged’ structure discovered

A new structure has been discovered in England that has no typical Roman era building characteristics. Archaeologists have discovered a Roman era stru…

40 Colors of Wales Back In Victorian Times

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a sucker for colorized antique photos and these 40 images of Wales from back in the Victorian Era are simply stunning. They really give you an idea of what life was like at that time and place. Link

Are Playgrounds Too Safe?

Many of us grew up in an era when playgrounds were still risky fun. But playgrounds have become increasingly stripped of their potentially dangerous equipment. These days, they’re safe havens for our little babes, but a New York Times article asks if that’s actually good for them in the long run. As it turns out, [...]

The Girl Gang of London

If you thought Victorian Era women were always demure and proper, the Forty Elephants could teach you a thing or two. This London all-girl gang started in the late 1700s and lasted for over 150 years. The girls thrived in the atmosphere of Victorian England, where women were always afforded a great deal of privacy while shopping. [...]

Cliff Lee: Wild and Crazy Guy

The most dominant postseason pitcher of his era, Cliff Lee of the Texas Rangers might like to tell you his success can be traced to serious introspection in a thinking man’s game. Sounds feasible enough. He could make that case, except for one catch. He’s given it no thought. © JUSTIN LANE/epa/Corbis “I don’t really dig that deep [...]

A Short History of Long-Haired Music: The Classical Era, part 1

If you missed our previous installments, check out A Short History of Long-Haired Music archives. Wait a second, The Classical Era? Haven’t we been talking about classical music this whole time? How can the word classical apply to an entire genre of music if the classical era only spanned about seventy-five years? My grandfather Mervin [...]

Mr. Trolololo Makes His Comeback Performance

(Video Link) Eduard Khil, the 70’s era Russian singer who became an Internet sensation several months ago, finally made a public performance. Here he is singing (lip synching) his trademark song when…Darth Vader, a gorilla, and Snow White show up. It gets weird pretty quickly. via Urlesque

280-million-year-old reptile’s last meal

Scientists have discovered the remains of insect parts stuck between the teeth of prehistoric reptiles, the find suggests that pre-dinosaur era li…