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Is the Moon toxic to humans ?

Even with spacesuits and other protective equipment the lunar dust could prove lethal to astronauts. A team of researchers investigating the health da…

Baltic anomaly ’shuts down electronics’

Divers investigating the Baltic Sea anomaly are claiming that it is intefering with their equipment. The Ocean X team have been attempting to determin…

For Pole-Vaulters, Clearing the Bar Is the Easy Part

You know how hard it is to travel to other places, especially overseas, with luggage. Imagine you have to travel with sports equipment. Now imagine that equipment is your 17-foot-long vaulting pole. Olympic pole vault hopeful Mark Hollis is used to the hassle, but that doesn’t make it easier. “Traveling with the poles is just horrible; [...]

Life-Sized Scrap Metal Mammoth Skeleton

I love scrap metal sculptures, especially when they retain the character of the parts they’re made from, like car parts, tools and, in this case, farm equipment. Constructed by sculptor Jud Turner for the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center in Washington, this life-sized construction of a Columbia mammoth skeleton is made from “mostly old farm [...]

Russian Phobos mission fails

Russia’s new $170M Phobos-bound spacecraft suffered equipment failure within minutes of lifting off. While the initial stages of the launch went as pl…

Can gyms generate their own power ?

Its an idea that isn’t actually all that new, using exercise equipment in gyms to generate electricity. The Green Microgym in Portland, Ore. is one su…

What’s In Your Pockets?

One current Internet meme consists of people taking pictures of what equipment they normally carry around in their pockets or on their belts whenever they leave their homes. They then post the pictures and explain their decisions. At the link, you can view a Flickr photo pool of some examples of these personal equipment choices. What’s [...]

Covert Exercise Furniture

This Friday’s Museum of Possibilities employs several themes that are found in many of my pseudo-inventions: Hiding, duplicity, pretending and concealing. Today’s ideas are offered as solutions to the problem of storing and using exercise equipment in a small home or apartment. Some of these concepts will seem coy and cute, but at the same [...]

Blimps Big Enough to Haul Buildings

Skylifter is an Australian start-up company that hopes to use enormous blimps to move pieces of equipment to places not easily accessible by roads: Heavy-transport helicopters, such as the Mil Mi-26 or Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, address some of these difficulties, but their payloads are limited to 20 and nine tonnes, respectively, and the huge rotors create [...]