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Europeana: Europe’s Digital Library with Over 23 Million Objects from 2,200 Institutions in 33 Countries

This is epic. No, it’s more than epic. It’s Europeana, Europe’s digital library which aggregates over 23 million artworks, books, photographs, recordings and films from over 2,200 contributing museums and cultural heritage museums from [...]

Lord of the Ring’s Rivendell In LEGO

Talk about an epic LEGO build, this incredible Lord of the Rings design took over 50,000 blocks to create and weighs an amazing 120 pounds. Link Via i09

Almost 5,000 Flip Flops Wash Ashore On Chili Beach

In an epic display of environmental cleanup, volunteers gathered almost 5,000 flip flops (thongs to Australians) that had washed up on the shore of Cape York’s Chili Beach in Queensland. It took marine conservation group Tangaroa Blue Foundation nearly a week to clean up the entire beach, and flip flops weren’t the only things gathered, although [...]

Epic Backyard Looping Waterslide of DOOM!

Epic backyard looping waterslide or a prelude to a trip to the emergency room? See whether this DIY deathtrap fun creation by YouTube user TSchmalz3000 work over at VideoSift: Link [embedded YouTube] [...]

Trust Me, I’m An Engineer

Here’s a video clip by Vilkaz Zebigwan for you to show your favorite engineer. They’ll love it. Trust me, I’m a blogger. Trust me, I’m an engineer With epic skill and epic gear Hit play [...]

Excuse Me Sir, But Your Trash Can Just Doesn’t Fit In

Yes, this is the most epic Mario-themed bathroom ever created. No, I still don’t recommend trying to crawl through any of the pipes in this house to go looking for extra lives and gold coins. All you will find is a terrible smell and tons of bacteria. Oh, and just joking about the trash can, it [...]

Custom Predator Helmet With Built-In Targeting Laser

It’s safe to say that this is one of the most epic pieces of cosplay gear I’ve ever seen: a custom made Bone Hunter Primal Elder Predator helmet, complete with built-in tri-dot laser sight and a bad attitude. This incredibly detailed helmet was made by Mike Loh, and if you can scrape up a mere $1050 [...]

A Christmas Tree Made Out Of Bacon

(YouTube Link) The guys from Epic Meal Time are no strangers to bacon, in fact, it’s safe to say that their entire career rests on the back of those sizzling strips of pork. But this time they have stepped up their game to an epic level, creating this monster Christmas tree made from over 2000 pieces of [...]

Flying Over Earth

This is a time-lapse video showing what it’d be like to fly over Earth, starting at the Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere and moving towards Antarctica. Add some epic John Williams! Yes, I did just spend a minute or two living vicariously as Super(wo)man. Video link -via Discover

Disney Smash Bros.

Simba or the Beast may seem like the obvious heavy hitters, but I’m seeing potential for epic combos with Dumbo’s giant ears. And what will happen when Aladdin and Tinkerbell meet? Link