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Mirrors on Easels Create the Illusion of Landscape Paintings

While working as the artist in residence at the Joshua Tree National Park in California, Daniel Kukla placed mirrors on easels to showcase nature’s own magnificence. He explains: While hiking and driving, I caught glimpses of the border space created by the meeting of distinct ecosystems in juxtaposition, referred to as the Edge Effect in the [...]

Guess the Special Purpose of This Gun

This rare handgun was made to function in an unusual environment. Can you guess what that is? Hit the jump for the answer. Underwater. According to my sources, the Soviet 4.5mm B-VI-307 was developed in the 1960s specifically for submerged use. The gun never made it into production. The one pictured above is at the Central [...]

Space station used for distillery experiments

Experts have been researching how a weightless environment could affect whisky maturation. The experiment involved sending compounds of unmatured malt…

The Cutest Dental Clinic In The World

There’s Hello Kitty restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more, so why not a dentist office? For those that just can’t stand the sterile environment of the standard dentist clinic, the Hello Kitty dentist office is a welcome alternative…even if it means having to travel to Japan just for a teeth cleaning. Link

The 10 Most Beautiful Swamps on Earth

The words “swamp” and “beautiful” do not often appear in the same sentence. However, wetlands are a valuable part of the environment, and if you look past the mosquitoes, they can be quite fetching. See a collection of gorgeous photographs of swamps around the world at Environmental Graffiti. Pictured is the Pantanal, which spans the [...]

Save the Planet, Eat an Enviropig

You soon may able to help the environment by eating more bacon. On a low-key, bio-secure farm in Canada, scientists are breeding pigs that could be among the first genetically modified farm animal to be approved for human consumption. Each of these Enviropigs look and act like ordinary pigs but contain genes from mice and [...]

Scientists grow monster dragonflies

Scientists have raised super-size dragonflies in a controlled high-oxygen environment. The experiment demonstrates one of the reasons insects would ha…

Antarctic Architecture

Buildings are buildings are buildings … except when they’re in Antarctica, where the extreme environment make them look like futuristic spaceships that land on a desolate, frozen landscape. Oobject has a neat gallery of antarctic architecture: Antarctic architecture provides imagery of the closest thing that people will be able see to a moon base, within their lifetimes. [...]

Google Office in Zurich Pictures

We all know how Google pampers its employees with lavish office environment and all kinds of facilities and these are a set of photos inside the Google building in Zurich, Switzerland from Picasa. Bathtubs where you can sit and relax while watching an aquarium, a hallway slide, peculiar meeting rooms makes you envious with awe [...]

Dresses Made of Anything and Everything

Would you ever wear a dress made from condoms, chocolate or newspapers? A big NO from me, but then, there might be some truly fashion conscious people who whould praise them as artworks. How about a dress made of salad? Can there be a better way to support the causes of the environment other than wearing [...]