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How to Make Imitation Roses from Coffee Filters

Sasilla’s instructions (in both Polish and English) appear to be straightforward. Just get some cone-style coffee filters, dyes and sponges to get started. From a distance, they’re quite convincing. Link -via Craft

Space Jam Was Released 15 Years Ago Today (and the Film’s 1996 Website Is Alive/Kicking)

November 15, 1996, was a big day for movies — both Space Jam and The English Patient were released. Sadly, only one of those movies’ official websites is still up and running. The frame-tastic Space Jam site was found by a reddit user last year. (If I’m wrong about that and there’s an old English Patient site [...]

Fake English

(YouTube link) The dialogue in this short film may sound like English, but it is mostly fake. Commenters who’ve taken English as a second language say this is what our language sounds like to those who don’t yet understand it. It may sound to you like someone who is mocking English. I can tell you from [...]

Dessert Disguised As Breakfast

Fans of traditional English breakfasts can certainly appreciate just how delicious this one looks. There’s just one problem -this is actually an elaborately disguised dessert platter. The beans are white chocolate coated biscuits in an orange and strawberry coulis, the black pudding is chocolate biscuit cake, the sausages are peanut butter coated sponge wrapped in caramelised [...]

Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO

Tommy Williamson built the characters (“So-called Arthur king and his silly English knnnnnigits”) from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail out of LEGO bricks! They were constructed for a special diorama called Pythonscape that will be featured at BrickCon 2011 this weekend. Get a closer view of each knight in his Flickr set. [...]

11 Other Big Events That Also Occurred on September 11th

Even before the tragic attacks of 2001, some pretty noteworthy events had occurred on September 11th. While our brains will forever link the calendar date to the 2001 attacks – and rightly so – let’s take a look at some other notable September 11th happenings from previous years. 1297 William Wallace defeats forces of the English crown [...]

English v3.31 Released

If you’ve been using heavily patched, older versions of the English language, you’ll be pleased to know that a completely updated and revised edition just entered beta testing. One reviewer at The Register thinks that it’s great: Just downloaded the beta version of English V3.31, and I have to say I am very excited about it. [...]

Pronunciation Manual

(YouTube link) You may have heard of Pronunciation Book, a YouTube channel in which English words and names are pronounced for the purpose of helping non-English speakers. Videos have been added steadily for over a year. Pronunciation Manual, on the other hand, is a channel with ridiculously incorrect pronunciations that look just like the videos from [...]

Pony and "A" Take Over the World

Pony is an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, and “A” is her student in Japan. They do lessons via Skype. As an exercise, Pony sends “A” strange found photos, and she writes a few sentences about each one. The result is a taste of Japanese humor rendered in intermediate English. Link -via Gorilla [...]

E-Prime: The Invented Language That Has No Verb To Be

To be or not to be … is not a question in the invented language of E-Prime. TopTenz explains: Another language constructed to make a philosophical point, E-Prime is simply a version of English that forbids all forms of the verb ‘to be’ (is, was, were, etc). According to Alfred Korzybski, who promoted the language in [...]