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Why Microsoft Fell Behind: Bureaucracy

Long before Apple got its mojo back, the king of the technology hill was Microsoft. Microsoft simply dominated the PC industry, but it has recently fallen back. It (almost) missed the Internet Revolution, had a [...]

Trust Me, I’m An Engineer

Here’s a video clip by Vilkaz Zebigwan for you to show your favorite engineer. They’ll love it. Trust me, I’m a blogger. Trust me, I’m an engineer With epic skill and epic gear Hit play [...]

Star Trek fan plans to build the Enterprise

A systems engineer has developed plans to build an actual ‘working’ version of the USS Enterprise. The man behind all this, known only as ‘Dan’, isn’t…

Fixing Astronomy Pictures

(YouTube link) An “image enhancement engineer” explains how he cleans up images of outer space so we can make out the details. His most common challenge? Photobombers. -via Buzzfeed

Black widow spiders hitch ride on plane

The deadly spiders were found inside a jet engine after hitching a ride to the UK from the US. An engineer had been working underneath the engine when…

Fiber Optic Cables

(YouTube link) Bill Hammock, the Engineer Guy, explains how fiber optic cables work. I, for one, am amazed that glass can be spun thin enough to be flexible, and that light can travel through it around bends and corners. -Thanks, Bill!

30 Years of Helping Disabled Gamers

Retired engineer Ken Yankelevitz has been making custom video game controllers for quadriplegics for 30 years. He designs joysticks and other devices that can be controlled by a tongue, a puff of air, or whatever method is most useful to each client, giving them the ability to play, to compete, and to engage in online [...]

Pencil Shoes

Lauren Milroy, a mechanical engineer with a background in the aerospace industry, recently completed a master’s program in design. She made these shoes out of colored pencils. Link via Dude Craft | Artist’s Website

Light Bulb Filament

(YouTube link) The tungsten filament of a common incandescent light bulb is way more interesting than you thought. Bill Hammock, “The Engineer Guy,” explains how it is made and how it works -or sometimes doesn’t. -Thanks, Bill! Also: If you enjoy the Engineer Guy, you’ll love the video in which he posts and responds to criticism from [...]

How were Stonehenge’s blocks moved ?

Engineer Garry Lavin has come up with a new theory involving the use of wicker basket constructions. Up until now it has been believed that the massiv…