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Homemade Zamboni

What can you do with a riding lawnmower with a blown engine? Instructables member web4deb turned hers into an ice resurfacer. Here’s how: Stripped off all the old mower decking and non-important parts and repainted it purple. Put on a small surplus engine. Made a scraper blade by grinding an edge into a piece of steel and mounted [...]

The Flying Pinto That Killed Its Inventor

Image credit: Doug Duncan The flying car has been invented over and over again. The problem is, each iteration has fallen somewhere on the line between amusing failure and outright disaster. Perhaps the most infamous example was the AVE Mizar, a.k.a. the “Flying Pinto,” which killed its inventor on an early voyage. Those Magnificent Men in Their [...]

Building Babbage’s Computer from the 1830s

Charles Babbage designed a fully functional mechanical computer called the Analytical Engine in 1837. It used gigantic stacks of cogs for memory (capable of storing 1,000 numbers to 40 decimal places), a CPU-like computing engine developed using gears and wheels, a printer (numbers only), a plotter (for graphics…ish), and even a programming language (Ada [...]

Animated Star Trails on Bing’s Homepage

We’ve never really talked ’bout Microsoft’s search engine Bing before on Neatorama, and, honestly, hasn’t been much reason to do so. Until now. Today’s Bing homepage features a gorgeous animated timelapse of star trails over Monument Valley in [...]

LEGO Rolls-Royce Jet Engine

Meet the Rolls-Royce of LEGO creations: an astounding half-scale jet engine made out of over 150,000 bricks, complete with 160 separate engine components: Rolls Royce’s Trent 1000 powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft [...]

In the Hall of Mechanical King

(Video Link) In 11,000 photographs, YouTube user nothinghereok documented his overhaul of a Triumph Spitfire engine. Watch this enchanting stop-motion animated presentation of the engine disassembling, cleaning and reassembling itself…followed by a terrifying conclusion. -via Colossal

The Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle Of The Future

This is the Scamander, and it’s an all-terrain amphibious vehicle with futuristic good looks and a beefy engine under the hood. A creation of the late Peter Wheeler, a visionary British car manufacturer and owner of sports car company TVR, he sadly didn’t get to see his amphibious concept car become a reality, so a team [...]

World’s Smallest V-12 Engine Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

(Video Link) A brilliant machinist named Patelo made this 12cc V-12 compressed air engine. Except for the screws, he cut all of the parts from scratch. This video shows him grinding the parts, assembling them, and then running the engine at about the eight minute mark. It’s an amazing demonstration of precise machining. -via Boing Boing | [...]

Glass Steam Engine

(YouTube link) In 2008, Czech master glassblower Michal Zahradník built a steam engine entirely out of glass! There are no seals here, just snug-fitting glass. This is a replica of an early locomotive steam engine designed by George and/or Robert Stephenson. If you’re anything like me, you will watch this entire video waiting for something to [...]

Dutch Mandates Alcolocks

Starting December 1st, the Netherlands will be giving their drunk drivers a holiday gift. Drivers who have been pulled over with high blood alcohol content will be given “alcolocks” to install into their cars. The device acts as a breathalyzer that can keep an engine turned off. The way the alcolock works is that the driver [...]