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20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Fire

In the October issue of Discover magazine, LeeAundra Keany tells us that a bonfire is “basically a tree running in reverse,” and other interesting facts. 1  Fire is an event, not a thing. Heating wood or other fuel releases volatile vapors that can rapidly combust with oxygen in the air; the resulting incandescent bloom of gas [...]

Scientists Claim Human Brain May Have Reached Full Capacity

Scientists claim the human brain is at capacity and is too tiring to get smarter We’ve invented penicillin, space shuttles, computers and even artificial hearts, among many other wonders. So where will human intelligence go from here? The answer, if certain scientists are correct, is nowhere. Mankind’s brain power has reached its peak and it is physically impossible [...]

First 24/7 Solar Plant

One of the difficulties with using solar energy is its inability to produce electricity around the clock. Torresol Energy in southern Spain has solved this problem by storing thermal energy in two tanks of molten salt. This enables the plant to generate electricity long after sundown in order to satisfy the energy needs of the [...]

Using Landfill Gas To Make Crafts

You wouldn’t think that arts and crafts required so much energy, but creating pottery and glass sculptures takes up a lot of energy. That’s why some green minded folks in North Carolina have devised a way to utilize gas from a landfill in their craft making endeavors. Many crafters have discovered greener ways to create their [...]

New Thirty Years War Over Energy In the Near Future?

Here is a happy thought; the fight for global energy resources may result in a thirty year war. According to Michael T. Klare at CBS News the fighting could take thirty years and result in a new structuring of our society much like the Thirty Years War of the 1600’s resulted in the modern nation [...]

"Deer with wings" causes power outage

A “flying deer” has been identified by an energy company as the cause of a power outage in Montana. Workers were baffled when a resident discovered a …

The Cartoon Guide to Surviving a Nuclear Bomb Test

In 1955, the Atomic Energy Commission started getting complaints from Nevada citizens about nuclear testing. After all, who wants a nuclear test in their backyard? The government responded by publishing a booklet aimed at placating local civilians. The accompanying cartoons make a nuclear blast seem like any other day, with just a few fireworks added. [...]

Japanese Wind Tower

Japan has been developing an alternative source of energy using wind power, however instead of traditional windmills this giant wind tower can utilize wind from different directions. Japan-based ZENA Systems is working on developing a new type of wind energy generator that will dwarf anything before it. The 50 meter-tall hexagonal building essentially acts as a [...]

4 Eco-Fabulous Places to Live in 2020

Across the world, architects and environmental engineers are building cities inspired by Mother Nature. Here are four communities leading the way to a greener, cleaner world. 1. Masdar City, United Arab Emirates The Greenest Town in the Middle East The United Arab Emirates isn’t exactly known for its environmental consciousness. Many of its citizens live in large, [...]

Solar Wind Bridge

This bridge, designed by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino, is still in the theoretical stage. At high altitude where the speed of the wind is greater the structure will capture energy in two ways: Between the pillars of a long-expanse bridge, a multitude of turbines capture wind energy from the faster-moving high-altitude currents. In addition, [...]