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Rocking Chair Charges Your iPad While You Rock

Are you ready to rock? Good. Micasa Lab’s iRock is a rocking chair with a built-in generator, speakers and a dock for an iPad or iPhone: The iRock is a product that explores how furniture can interact with technology and actually support the power for this technology. Movement is energy and to collect as much of [...]

Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine

We have all seen the so called Perpetual Energy Machines running around on the internet. Whether an actual perpetual energy machine is possible or not (I think not), a perpetual energy wasting machine doesn’t seem so farfetched. I mean just look at my roommate- he wastes an awful lot of energy with all that couch [...]

Dirty Secrets of Internet Data Centers

Photo: Ethan Pines/The New York Times Quick: what industry uses 30 billion watts of energy (the equivalent of the output of about 30 nuclear power plants), wastes 90% of that and pollutes the environment [...]

Photosynthetic Aphids

Image: Shipher Wu and Gee-way Lin/National Taiwan University – via Wikipedia Photosynthesis, the process of by which light energy is captured from the sun and turned into chemical energy, as any school children know, [...]

How Do Glowsticks Glow?

Picture an atom. Now picture that atom getting excited. Maybe its birthday is coming up. Anyway, when an atom or a molecule gets excited, its electrons’ energy levels go up. When the electrons fall back down to their normal state, they release energy in the form of photons, a basic unit of light. For most of [...]

And the Most Peaceful Country in the World Is…

According to the Institute for Economics & Peace, the most peaceful country in the world is Iceland. Yes, the country that disrupted air travel across Europe with its spewing, unpronounceable volcano a couple of years ago. Icelanders have an upside for everything: they use the energy of volcanoes for heat. Iceland is one of the most [...]

5 Doctor Who Stories Ripped From the Headlines

From its start in 1963, Doctor Who has heavily featured the future and the past — but stories based on current events have also been part of the series. While it isn’t quite Law & Order, sometimes we do get to see Doctor Who: Ripped from the Headlines! 1. The Cuban Missile Crisis In the News: [...]

Yeti Crab, the Gardener of Bacteria

This crab has got a green thumb … er, make that white , hairy claw. Marine ecologist Andrew Thurber, who was studying a new species of yeti crab (named after the hair-like brisles on its claws) called Kiwa [...]

Do Einstein’s laws prove ghosts exist?

Could Einstein’s law of energy conservation help to offer evidence for the existence of ghosts ? Paranormal investigators often cite Einstein in discu…

Cold fusion confirmed in E-Cat test

Andrea Rossi’s cold fusion energy catalyzer has been successfully demonstrated in a recent test. The demonstration took place in Bologna, Italy on Oct…