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Baltic anomaly – is it a Nazi secret weapon ?

Some scientists believe the anomaly could be a WWII weapon designed to thwart enemy submarines. Consisting of a concrete base covered in wire mesh, th…

Facebook Plug-in Lets You Name Personal Enemies

I’ve been saying this for years now: a major flaw in Facebook’s interface is that it lets you create a friends list, but not an enemies list. Now a plug-in designed by Dean Terry of the University of Texas at Dallas gives users that option: Last month he and a student released a Facebook plug-in called [...]

Spies Like Us: Homing Pigeons

So I’m trying something new this week: a theme! Every day this week I’ll be writing about something that has to do with spying, spies, Harriet the Spy, etc. Today, we’ll be looking at homing pigeons. The grey birds have played an important part in intelligence work since the beginnings of espionage. While carrying vital secrets, [...]

The 6 Most Ill-Conceived Weapons Ever Built

If you are going to build a “good” weapon you need to make sure that it effectively does what you want it to do; a gun that hits the enemy and a tank that protects your troops (also while hitting the enemy). However it seems through history there have been some pretty ill-conceived weapons. This [...]

US develops software to analyse metaphors

US intelligence aims to use the nuances of language to reveal who may be a potential enemy. English is a difficult language to master and the US intel…

The 48 Laws of Power

Every day people try to outdo each other in the military, at the workplace, and at school by showing their “power.” But did you know that there is an actual list of 48 Laws of Power as outlined by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers to help you get ahead? My favorite is law number 15 [...]

Russia’s Inflatable Army

Russia has devised a way to enlarge its army while saving money. It’s begun making large numbers of inflatable — and fake — tanks, radar stations, and trucks: What they lack in firepower, they make up for in flexibility: they are light and can be deployed quickly to deceive the enemy. They are also very realistic. They [...]

Leonardo da Vinci’s Resume

Well, it’s actually structured more like a cover letter, but this document served as a resume when da Vinci was 30 and trying to get a job with the Duke of Milan. Here’s the first part: Most Illustrious Lord, Having now sufficiently considered the specimens of all those who proclaim themselves skilled contrivers of instruments of [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Toy Crazes

I don’t have a kid (yet… give me another five months or so), and I don’t have any nieces or nephews or friends with kids over the age of three. So I’m not really understanding this whole Zhu Zhu thing. Apparently it’s the must-have toy this year. That I understand. I was working retail when [...]

Adam "Ape Lad" Koford’s New T-Shirts on Neatorama

Arch Enemy T-Shirt by Adam Koford Our pal Adam “Ape Lad” Koford has a new line of colorful T-shirts over at the Neatorama Shop that’ll make the perfect Christmas gift. The shirts are based on some of his tweets. Help support Adam and Neatorama, and get a great T-shirt to boot! Check ‘em out: If Snow Was [...]