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Lectures for a New Year: We are Empathic Monkeys

In this RSA Animate presentation, economist Jeremy Rifkin discusses emerging research on empathy. It’s a fast-paced, smart talk — and it deals with the core question what is empathy? More than wondering what it is, Rifkin discusses how we observe it arise in each human (anyone who has been around kids has observed [...]

Rats Free Trapped Labmates: Is Empathy Universal to Animals?

Do rats have empathy? A new study hinted that empathy isn’t unique to humans and a few smart mammals, but may actually be a universal trait in the animal kingdom: “Rats help other rats in [...]

How Important is Empathy?

According to my buddy John M. Roberts, who’s created a book and a whole series of lectures around the idea, empathy is one of the most crucial survival skills of the 21st century, and becoming more important every day. It’s an interesting argument. In a world whose population is quickly approaching seven billion, competition for [...]