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What Your Dog Is Thinking

[YouTube Link] What (bacon) is your dog (bacon) thinking (bacon)? Scientists from Emory University decided to find out by putting a dog in an MRI machine: In a new study, scientists report that they have for the first [...]

A Student’s Dilemma

This is the kind of hard choice we’d all like to have. Overachieving Yale quarterback Patrick Witt can’t be in two places at once, but either place could have a great deal to do with the rest of his life. Witt, a 22-year-old senior from Wylie, Texas, has a scheduling conflict next Saturday. At about the [...]

Smart Elephant is a Lazy Cheater

We know that elephants are smart animals, but this particular one is a bit too smart. Graduate student Joshua Plotnik of Emory University recently recorded the result of an elephant intelligence test in which one elephant was caught “cheating.” Robert Krulwich of Krulwich Wonders blog over at NPR explains how: Link | Article about the [...]

Tick Tock

(YouTube link) What would you do if you had five minutes to live? Probably things you wouldn’t do otherwise, as you’ll see in this short film Ien Che made for a Campus Movie Fest at Emory University. -via reddit

Yawning Is Contagious, Even When Watching Cartoons

According to a BBC News article by Victoria Gill, researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia have discovered that chimpanzees will yawn after watching animated chimpanzees yawn. They hope to use this information to learn how human children process what they see on a screen, as well as how they empathize with the feelings of [...]