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Meet the Birmingham Office

Founding _flosser Will Pearson recently sat down with the good people at Birmingham Weekly to discuss the past, present and future of mental_floss. Posing with Will are Hazel (security), Winslow (senior art director), Neely (editor-in-chief) and Josh (art director). Not Pictured: Emmitt. Ah, there’s Emmitt. Here’s how Winslow explained why the pup wasn’t in the group [...]

Stupid Questions: Great Moments in Super Bowl Media Day History

New Orleans, January 1981. My first Super Bowl. I’m trying to ask questions of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Charlie Smith at the first media availability. He’d recently broken his jaw, the wires in his mouth standing sentry against solid nourishment and reducing his speech to what under different circumstances would pass as beginner’s ventriloquism. (Confession: Bourbon Street overmatched [...]