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The Fastest Way to a Man’s Heart Is through His Ribcage

Dawn Rogal insists that she is happily married. I decline to dispute it. She kept this piece of embroidery on display at her shop, but, strangely, it seems to have offended people there. Link -via Colossal

Fiber Artwork by Kate Kretz

In the comment of our last human hair embroidery post, Neatoramanaut Louisa alerted us to the fantastic series of "fiber-based" artwork by Kate Kretz. Ebb, the hair embroidery of the sleeping eyes above, is [...]

Embroidered X-Rays

Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Cox combines x-ray images and embroidery to show a clinical, scientific world below a colorful, artistic surface. Many of his works are portraits of pop culture figures including Snow White, Miss Piggy, and David Bowie. Link -via Flavorwire

Star Wars Embroidery Says "Sad Wampa Is Sad"

Etsy seller Love & A Sandwich is currently sold out of these cute works of embroidery and appliqué, but she still has available a hoop featuring Beast from the X-Men. Still, I have my heart set on the Fuzzball hoop. Link -via The Mary Sue

Amazing Embroidery Portraits

Check out these textural delights by artist Daniel Kornrumpf, who has resurrected the antiquated art of embroidery and brought it into a spectacular new light. His painterly approach to embroidery adds a fresh, modern style and energy to the medium, and the fact that so much detail is worked into these relatively small pieces makes [...]

Mos Eisley Embroidery

Mos Eisley on Tatooine seems like a more pleasant, cheerful place in this description. The bee is smiling, see? Craftster user GeekySweetheart made this piece of embroidery for her husband. Link via Geek Crafts | Pattern

Embroidered Wall Tentacle

Sure, you could have an ordinary wall tentacle, but what fun is that? If you’re going to really shock your mother-in-law, it needs to be in a traditional craft, such as embroidery. Craftster user jemimah made this solid work of embroidery using a technique called stumpwork. That involves working the fabric over a wire base [...]