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Up! House in Real Life

Carl and Ellie’s dream house from the movie Up! comes to life in Herriman, Utah, with Disney’s blessing. At Lovely Listing, you can also see a bit of the inside, too. Link

Stars of the Wild West Show

In the latter part of the 18th century, before television, radio, or even movies with sound, traveling exhibitions were the biggest form of entertainment most people encountered. Oh yes, the circus! At the same time, newspapers and novels told of the adventures Americans experienced settling the western half of the country: exploring, fighting the natives, [...]

The Spirit of Ecstasy

The figure of a lady which has adorned the front of Rolls-Royce automobiles for the past century is modeled on a real woman – Eleanor Velasco Thornton, the lover of automotive pioneer John Walter Edward Scott-Montagu. He commissioned artist Charles Robinson Sykes to design a mascot for the bonnet of his Silver Ghost. In the [...]