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Yelp Strikes Back

Watch out you sneaky Yelpers, the website is now out to get you.  Apparently people have been using Yelp to make a quick buck. Users will rise to the rank of “elite reviewer” then people will pay them to review their place, restaurant, or what have you. Now the website is striking back. Yelp is placing [...]

The Nanny One Percent

If you think the $1,200 Stokke Stroller that the rich people have to push around their babies are outrageously expensive, that ain’t nothing compared to what they [...]


Want to look at a bunch of pictures of Navy SEALS in training? In a world where enemies who agree to wear black hats are hard to come by, the military and President Obama have begun to lean on the highly trained, whip-smart services of elite Special Forces units. While other budgets are shrinking, funding for [...]

Antique Fruitcake Sells for $525

Most food products quickly depreciate in value, but not fruitcakes! Consider diversifying your investment portfolio with one. After seventy years, you can sell it at a high price: Elite Estate Group sold the cake in an auction on its website. Company owner Larry Chaney says the man, who wanted to remain anonymous, probably bought the cake [...]

Twelve Creative Bathtubs

Photo: Elite Choice Oddee has pictures of twelve unique bathtubs, such as the one pictured above, which was made out of 18-karat gold. Its estimated value was $1 million, which is probably why it was stolen out of a Japanese hotel in 2007. Other bathtubs at the link include one that looks like a high-heeled shoe and [...]