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The Elevator Horror

(YouTube link) The Brazilian TV show Programa Silvio Santos pulls an elevator prank that would have lawsuits flying in the US. It’s terrifying to watch, and even worse for the unsuspecting elevator riders. -via Uproxx

Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine

We have all seen the so called Perpetual Energy Machines running around on the internet. Whether an actual perpetual energy machine is possible or not (I think not), a perpetual energy wasting machine doesn’t seem so farfetched. I mean just look at my roommate- he wastes an awful lot of energy with all that couch [...]

Well, That’s One Solution

(Video Link) How do you deal with having outside cats when you live in an upstairs apartment? Well, you could teach your cats to just wait outside your lobby for you to get home…or you could train them to grab on tightly to a chair and make a budget kitty elevator. It might not be as [...]

Russian Cat Lift

(YouTube link) Some people install cat ladders and others go high-tech with self-serve cat elevators. YouTube user Ignoramusky shows us a quick-and-inexpensive way to construct an elevator for your cats, providing them easy access to the second floor. At least, easy for the cats. Or maybe it’s a way to steal first-floor cats! -via reddit

How to Best Survive a Free-Falling Elevator

Say that you find yourself in a free-falling elevator. What position will increase your chance of survival? That is the question being answered by The New York Times’ Q&A column by C. Claiborne Ray: The best [...]

Man Gets Trapped in Elevator, Rescued, Then Trapped in a Different Elevator

Most people only get stuck in one elevator a day. The ambitious aim higher than that: A firefighter went up in another elevator in an adjoining shaft, exited through the ceiling hatch to get to the other elevator’s hatch to transfer the trapped man and bring him down. But after the transfer was made, the second elevator [...]

That House in Your Neighborhood That Didn’t Have Candy

On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else’s reply, whatever you want. On to this week’s topics of discussion… 1. Every neighborhood has that house that goes off script on Halloween. Maybe it’s a dentist who gives away toothbrushes, or [...]

Awkward Elevator Moments

I hate it when this happens, Premature Button Push: (n) The act of passing up a crowded elevator car, only to push the button again too soon, revealing the same car of people. See more awkward elevator moments, courtesy of Awkward [...]

New Elevators Sort Users by Rank

Elevator technology is taking a great leap forward from what you’re probably used to. Newer models can be accessed by swiping ID cards and programmed and controlled by managers, either to give priority to certain users or track who is going where: In downtown Denver at 1999 Broadway, a 43-story building, a law firm requested that [...]