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Navann’s First Bath Is A Big Success

(Video Link) It’s always easier when your little one enjoys bath time, even if he’s a six day old elephant. Via Cute Overload

Elephant learns how to speak Korean

An elephant in Korea has learned how to imitate human speech with words such as ‘hello’ and ‘good’. The feat is all the more remarkable because elepha…

Sand Sculpture of and Made by an Elephant

Sundara, an elephant who lives at the Chester Zoo in the UK, lay down to go to sleep one night. The patch of sand that she used as a bed preserved the impression of her body beautifully. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

Drawn to Facts No. 004: An elephant can smell water 3 miles away

Illustration by Maya Assad Fact:An elephant can smell water 3 miles away. Check out all of our illustrated facts here.

Company produces cards from elephant dung

A company in India is enjoying success with its own unique take on the traditional greetings card. Ijender Shekhawat’s “Elephant Stamp” business produ…

Wait For Me!

(YouTube link) Just some elephant footage taken at Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. -via Arbroath

Elephant Crashes Pool Party

(YouTube link) Remember the old joke: What does an 800-pound gorilla do? Anything he wants to! Along those lines, what do you do when an elephant crashes your pool party? Well, you really can’t do anything about it, so you may as well watch it on video. Notice how the camera shakes when he takes a [...]

Baby Elephant Sneezes

With that nose, you’d expect that when a baby elephant sneezes, it’s an epic event … epicly cute, that is. Hit play and say gesundheit: Link [YouTube]

Elephant May Get Contact Lenses

C’Sar, an elephant at the North Carolina Zoo, showed signs of not being able to see. The problem was cataracts, which were removed surgically. C’sar perked up amazingly well after his sight was restored, but zookeepers suspect he is now farsighted. One possible solution that veterinarians are contemplating is to fit him with contact lenses. After [...]

Zookeepers Drank Elephants’ Alcohol

The elephant keepers at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, ordered a supply of alcohol each of the past twenty years -for the elephants. They said the  alcohol was necessary to calm the elephants down during mating season. The orders were filled each year, and listed under the elephant’s food expense budget. But the elephants [...]