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Mask of the Batbane

“No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.” Bane and Batman have at least that element in common. Tom Howell merged their famous cowls with three handpainted latex masks. Link -via Technabob

The Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Tired of having a sweaty palm because you never move your hand from your computer mouse? Well then, it sounds like you need the Thermaltake Black Element -the only mouse to come with a built-in fan to help cool down your hand. That you could always just take a break from your game every now [...]

Elemental Skirts

Some ladies look best in a metalloid. Others prefer a more sedate noble gas. Only the most daring go transuranic. Whatever element works best for you, Etsy seller Ashley Mertz can provide an appropriate skirt. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Get It Kitty!!!

(Video Link) It takes a special kind of cat to enjoy snow, let alone frolic in banks so deep that only their tails can be seen, but these two kitty friends have finally found their element.

Chess Voltron Would Be an Awesome TV Show

The element of surprise is a tremendous advantage in battle. Similarly, taking an opponent by surprise can lead to a quick victory in chess. And what would be a greater surprise than for your pieces to combine into a giant fighting robot that sweeps the board in a single move? Cymon of Thingiverse has designed [...]

Human Curling

(Video Link) Certainly adding an additional human element to curling could make it even more exciting, as this commercial by the Buzzman agency suggests. The speedos, would, probably and unfortunately, be necessary. Link via Colossal

Ben Franklin’s 200+ Synonyms for “Drunk”

Yesterday we ran a quiz titled “Monty Python Phrase or Ben Franklin Synonym for Drunk?” The quiz referred to Franklin’s lengthy list of expressions meaning “inebriated” that he first published in the Pennsylvania Gazette on January 6, 1737. People must be tired of using the same old terms when describing their wasted friends, because we’ve received [...]

Why Gold Is the Ideal Metal for Currency

Of all of the elements on the periodic table, why did gold become the standard of economic value for so much of human history? NPR asked Sanat Kumar, a professor of chemical engineering at Colombia University. He explained that, ideally, the material used in currency should not be reactive, corrosive, radioactive, too common, or too [...]

Tilt Shift Vincent Van Gogh

Artist Serena Malyon used Photoshop to add a tilt-shift photographic element to sixteen works of Vincent Van Gogh. Her images give the impression that viewers are looking miniatures. Link via DudeCraft | Artist’s deviantART Profile