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9 More 2012 Presidential Candidates

The third party presidential candidates we told you about a couple of weeks ago were only the top of the list of those running for president in 2012. There are plenty more, but as you go down the list, information becomes harder to find. Here are a few that are either on the ballot somewhere [...]

Bullet fired in Mexico hits El Paso woman

A bullet fired during a shoot-out in Mexico ended up hitting a woman in El Paso over half a mile away. Maria Romero was pushing a stroller around town…

Book Origami

El Paso-based artist Isaac Salazar folds and cuts the pages of books to create word and images. Here’s the story of how he started in the craft, as told by his wife Veronica: In 2000, we went house hunting and saw a model home that displayed some book art. They were very simple, kind of like [...]

Yoshi Mech

Donald, an electrical engineer in El Paso, Texas, made this mech inspired by Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. You can see more pictures at the link, as well as similar past projects at his website. Link via DVICE | Artist’s Website

El Paso UFOs mirror New York sightings

A formation of mysterious lights over El Paso has mirrored last month’s New York sightings. El Paso residents flooded local police with calls about th…

"El Chupacabra" blamed for chicken deaths

The deaths of 30 chickens at the hands of a mysterious predator in El Paso have renewed interest in the legendary Chupacabra. Cesar Garcia and his bro…

12 More Classes We Wish Our Colleges Had Offered

Editor’s Note: With school back in session, we figured now was a good time to re-run this article, which originally appeared in January. And here’s Stacy’s original 12 Classes We Wish Our Colleges Had Offered post, in case you missed it the first time around. 1. Sex and the City, Oregon State. This class was so [...]