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The Missing Links: Building a Helicopter Out of Trash

The Original Sin City Las Vegas from way before the Strip. (While these pictures are fine, other parts of this site may be NSFW.) * Parachuting Off the Eiffel Tower Has Always Been A Bad Idea It is today. And it definitely was in 1912. * The Game of Kings. Slimy, Cheating Kings. Apparently, cheating at chess is [...]

Perry The Platypus Hydro Canteen

Perry The Platypus Hydro Canteen – $13.95 Summer vacation is starting! Do you know what you are going to do today? Well, whatever you do make sure it includes drinking plenty of water. Building a rocket, climbing the Eiffel Tower, or giving a monkey a shower is thirsty work. Make sure you stay properly hydrated with [...]

The 6 Most Ill-Conceived Weapons Ever Built

If you are going to build a “good” weapon you need to make sure that it effectively does what you want it to do; a gun that hits the enemy and a tank that protects your troops (also while hitting the enemy). However it seems through history there have been some pretty ill-conceived weapons. This [...]

Hundreds of Tourist Photos of Famous Landmarks Blended into Composite Images

Swiss photographer Corinne Vionnet compiled hundreds of photographs made by tourists of major landmarks and assembled them into solitary images. Pictured above is the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin. Others include the Kaaba in Mecca, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Chichen Itza in Mexico. Link via Geekosystem | Artist’s Website

Why Is the Eiffel Tower Still Standing?

The Eiffel Tower, built in 1889, was a temporary structure. It was supposed to last only 20 years before being demolished. But Paris kept it, long, long past its design life. Why has it been so durable? Scientists are creating a detailed computer model of all of its components to try to answer that question: But [...]

Desaturated Santa

Brody Qat attended a gathering of Santas as her character “Desaturated Santa”, which she introduced last year, and posted photographs at Flickr. To counter many accusations of Photoshoppage, she also posted a picture of her makeup and contact lenses to explain how it’s done. She said: Many people find it hard to believe that someone would [...]

Taig Khris jump skater breaks world record

EXTREME in-line skating champion Taig Khris set a new world freefall record of 12.5 metres in France when he launched himself off the Eiffel Tower onto a ramp.Thousands of people turned out to see a skater dive from the first floor of the Eiffel tower into a huge quarter pipe.Taig Khris, an X-Games champion, launched [...]

Eiffel Tower Blueprints!

Boingboing linked to these beautiful blueprints straight from Gustave Eiffel’s pen, and I completely fell in love with them. Scanning the pics made me think back on the origins of the Eiffel Tower, and how it got to Paris. Here’s what we wrote in our book, In the Beginning: Believe it or not, the Eiffel Tower was originally [...]