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Egyptian Hieroglyphic Blocks

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Blocks – $49.95 Are ABC blocks too easy for your lil’ genius? Worried that your tot is falling behind in Egyptology? Well, the NeatoShop to the rescue! The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Blocks are a set of 28 carved wood blocks that will teach your kids ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic phonograms and the names of the Pharaos. Perfect for [...]

Ancient Egyptians had "passport" spells

The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead was essentially a passport to paradise for the deceased. The Egyptians had strong beliefs about life after death…

Queen Nefertiti bust may have had a facelift

A 3,300 year old bust of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti has revealed evidence of alteration to correct flaws. The modification of her nose and the smoot…

Spotted House Cat

Domestic cats normally come in solids, stripes, and patches ( have one of each). Some cats have been bred with spots, but the only naturally spotted house cat is the Egyptian Mau. It is the only naturally spotted cat and has been used in the breeding programmes of other cat breeds, such as the British Shorthair, [...]