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DIY Camera Made Out of Cardboard, LEGO and Duct Tape

Dominique Vankan wanted to replicate the Autochrome Lumière color photography process developed by the Lumière Brothers back in 1907, which uses dyed grains of potato starch as color filters. But first, Dominique needs a [...]

It May Not Look Like It, But This Is a Gun

Today’s firearms oddity is the Baylè palm pistol. Patented by Frenchman Charles Baylè in 1879, this double action handgun fired 6 centerfire 5mm rounds. The rod screwed into the handle was used for loading. It looks like a staple gun, doesn’t it? Link | Photo: Horstheld

The City Is a Playground

To self-described “urban hacktivist” Florian Rivière, the city is an enormous playground–provided that you make a few modifications. With duct tape, he added mazes, hopscotch courts and other games to the streets and sidewalks of Dublin. Link -via Rebel Art

Asian Minatures

In the digital collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, there is an album of pencil and watercolor sketches of Hindu gods and Mughal emperors, but they don’t know the date -possibly the 18th century. Pictured here is the goddess Durga. See a selection of these fascinating miniatures at BibliOdyssey. Link