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Eggspress Heart Mold

Eggspress Heart Mold  Are you looking for a simple and fun way to eggspress your love for someone? You need the Eggspress Heart Mold from the NeatoShop. This fantastic egg mold creates eggs shaped like hearts. Remember, making a home cooked meal is an eggs-cellent way of showing someone you care.  Be sure to check out the [...]

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are delicious and rich, but we already know that everything is better when deep fried, so why not try battering and frying the egg after it’s already been hard boiled? Link

Fractal Utensils

Fractal Forums user LhoghoNurbs posted this Photoshop entry to the site’s Annual Fractal Art Competition 2012: a set of fractal utensils! The set includes four pieces: Cantor fork :: now you can pin a single kiwi seed. Twice in a [...]

Woman finds perfectly round chicken egg

32-year-old Cassie Greenhill was astonished to discover a spherical egg in a standard box of one dozen. Cassie was about to cook up an omelet for her …

How 13 Classic Video Games Got Their Names

Here are the stories of how famous video games got their names, and what they were almost called. 1. Pac-Man It’s not easy to create a game based solely on the concept of eating. But Namco employee Tōru Iwatani did just that in 1980 by taking the idea of a pizza with a slice missing, and then [...]

Meet The Kissenger – A Kiss Messaging Device

This strange little egg shaped device with lips is called the Kissenger, and it’s supposed to somehow make being alone in the world feel a little more bearable. You might be asking yourself- how does this creepy looking thing make someone feel anything but sheer horror? The answer is- by giving you a big old kiss, of [...]

How Do Baby Birds Breathe Inside Their Eggs?

David De Lossy/Thinkstock You might not realize it while you’re frying them sunny side up on a Sunday morning, but chicken eggs (and those of other birds, and reptiles) are some pretty sophisticated pieces of packaging. Hard-shelled bird eggs contain albumen, or “egg white,” and a yolk. The fertilized egg cell, or embryo, develops within the yolk [...]

Egg Russian Roulette World Championships

(YouTube Link) File this under “competitions that seem stupid but people really enjoy watching”–egg Russian roulette, where hard boiled eggs are mixed in with the raw ones, and knuckleheads take turns smashing them on their foreheads to find out which is which. Held in Lincolnshire, this egg headed competition draws some fierce crackers to the table, and [...]

Chicken Footstool

Which came first, the footstool or the egg? The designers at thecityfarmgirl answer unhesitatingly, “The egg.” These eggs, given time and proper care, grow into 12-inch or 17-inch footstools. They’re made of felt and are available in a variety of colors. Link -via NotCot | Photo: Kara Kersten Design

Dietribes: Don’t Hold the Mayo, I Relish It!

• The origins of the word mayonnaise may be derived from mahonnaise, for the Spanish port of Mahon, where the French defeated the British in a 1756 naval battle. Others say it’s from the French verb manier “to mix or blend,” or from the Old French moyeu (egg yolk). Regardless, it seems the French are always [...]