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Drunk People Have Higher Chance of Survival in Accidents

You’ve heard how drunken people survive horrific accidents that should’ve killed them. But it’s not just folk belief – scientists revealed that the higher the blood-alcohol level, the higher the chance of survival after [...]

Why Does Alcohol Cause the Spins?

You lie down to get some sleep after a long night of drinking, and the room seems to be spinning uncontrollably. What gives? The spins happen because of an odd effect alcohol has on your ears — specifically, on three tiny, fluid-filled structures called the semicircular canals. Inside each of these canals is a fluid called [...]

Laser Cut Omni Tool From Mass Effect Series

Did you spend the last two weeks playing Mass Effect 3 only to find nothing but bitter disappointment and frustration at the end of the game? Well, hope is at hand when you strap this laser cut Omni Tool replica/cosplay accessory on your arm and create your own Mass Effect themed adventures all over town! A [...]

Hitting Testicles (with Ultrasound Pulses) May Be an Effective Contraceptive

On the left is a normal testicle. On the right is one that has been blasted with ultrasound. The latter has a reduced sperm count, which is why researchers at the University of North Carolina think that they may have discovered an effective male contraceptive: They found that two, 15-minute doses “significantly reduced” the number of [...]

Ventilated Bullets

The Comp Bullet is a intriguing invention by an Italian firm of the same name. The bullet feature vents that, the company claims, increase velocity and reduce noise. Steve at The Firearms Blog writes: According to the company, these vents reduce friction by allowing gas to lubricate the bullet as it passes through the barrel and [...]

The IKEA Effect

Marketing lore and common sense tells us we value the things we make more than the things we buy already made. That even holds true when we assemble things from a kit, according to research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Experiment 1A: Participants either inspected an IKEA pre-built box or assembled it themselves.  Afterward, [...]

What’s So Great About 3D?

It’s easy to see why 3D is popular from a movie studio perspective: it allows theaters to charge fifteen bucks for a flick that would normally bring in just eight or nine (in LA prices, at least). It’s not as clear why audiences should love it. To me, it seems a novelty that wore off [...]

When It Comes to Facial Recognition, Caricatures Beat Photos

We have a little saying around here—If the Hamburg Data Protection Authority doesn’t like it, we don’t like it either. What the HDPA doesn’t like these days is the new facial recognition feature embedded in Facebook’s new photo-tagging software, which is creepily known as “suggested automatic tagging.” They claim it violates privacy laws because it’s [...]

Police Start Giving Angry Drunk People Lollipops to Calm Them Down

The city of Victoria, British Columbia, is taking a new approach to handling drunken, out-of-control revelers causing trouble in public places. The police hand such people lollipops. Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe explained why it works: Ms. Thornton-Joe said after the men popped a lolly in their mouths, their nasty energy all but dissolved. “They got calmer after [...]

The Uncanny Valley

Researchers have studied the curious effect humanoid robots have on the human brain which is isn’t sure how to process a mechanical “person.” The closer the robot is to looking human the more uncanny it is, however robots that don’t resemble people are fine. So basically they have come to the conclusion that robots are [...]